Just in time for the weekend, we have a full stream of the brand new self titled record from San Diego’s brutal death reps Pathology. With a somewhat familiar lineup back in the midst, Pathology have had their longest break from releasing a full length since inception, but slammin’ riff junkies don’t have to wait any longer. We got the goods. Definitely one of the nastier premieres we’ve had in awhile, over the jump you’ll find the West Coasts most active death outfit, burning through a half hour of typically punishing brutal death material. Put the kids to bed, hide all sharp objects, grab a hammer.

Released via Comatose Music, Pathology is the ninth (?!) full-length release in the band’s eleven years. Sure, the Victory Records were pushed out at a gravity blast speed but that’s not to be dwelled on. This level of productivity could be attributed to the band’s shape shifting lineup, but the three year gap since 2014’s Throne of Reign has seen the same musicians creating the music. It shows. New Pathology sounds like the work of musicians who mesh. The death metal is classic sounding but with a modern bite; “Doth” and “Litany” wear the 90’s influence proudly, the toxic gargling of Matti Way providing that razor sharp edge.

The new spin definitely rides on from Throne of Reign and 2013’s Lords of Rephaim. Hyperdrive bursts of artillery salvo death metal do their best to lift skin from bone but the real good stuff comes when the band crank everything down a gear and bring out the groove hammers. They’re well worn, bloody and more than adept at cracking heads by this point, but the hammers still bring the pain. The best death metal breaks bones and this shit pounds bone to dust. “Shudder” and “Vermillion” round off the last few tracks on Pathology with menace from the pounding attack and malice from a classic Death style closing piece. The band threaten live venues and listeners alike with the blunt force trauma of half an hour of great death metal. Thou art not prepared.

Grab your Pathology bundles at this here location, have a brutal weekend peeps.


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