King Goat – Conduit

King Goat have basically managed to inject new energy and dynamic into the tired stoner/doom formula. Much like HARK before them, they've found a new way in which the pieces of the musical puzzle fit. The fact that they're unsigned and relatively new makes perfect sense. Innovation lies in the periphery, where the need to outperform the competition is all. It'll be interesting to watch them from now on, to see exactly what they'll do with the new exposure and upcoming music. Will they deepen their unique take on the genre, turn to more conservative avenues or throw us another curveball? One can only hope for the latter, since King Goat at their best when keeping us uncomfortable and on the edge of our seats.

Iced Earth – Dystopia

Iced Earth Dystopia 01. Dystopia 02. Anthem 03. Boiling Point 04. Anguish Of Youth 05. V 06. Dark City 07. Equilibrium 08. Days Of Rage 09. End Of Innocence 10. Tragedy And Triumph Iced Earth ar... Read More...