190 – Eden’s Favorite Number

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Comebacks! Oathbreaker at Arctangent, Katatonia, Reflections, and Green Day, but not really. Also new music from Barishi and Intronaut. Then, cool people time with Uncut Gems, Kentucky Route Zero, Temtem, Fleabag. Enjoy!

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Reflections – The Color Clear

One of the most interesting things about 2015 as a year of metal is that many of the best albums have integrated a great deal of emotion and atmosphere in some way or another. From WRVTH’s self-titled techdeath landmark to Hope Drone’s post-rock/atmospheric black metal masterpiece, there’s been a huge…

Erra Recording Five Song EP

On Friday, Erra took to their Facebook to inform the public that they are currently recording a five song EP due out sometime in the fall. Then, on Saturday, they posted a small snippet of recording rhythm guitar for the project. They also stated that this is one of many surprising announcements…