Rest Among Ruins – Fugue

Mike Semesky is an obvious favorite around these parts; cool guy, workhorse of a musician, a general font of talent. Nobody can seem to get enough of him. From his time with The HAARP Machine and a one-album st... Read More...
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We Butter the Bread With Butter – Projekt Herz EP

We Butter The Bread With Butter, known for having the song with the "slowest breakdown of all time", are back to impress yet again with Projekt Herz. Eight tracks of Attack Attack! meets Raunchy meets piss poor attempts at being Between the Buried and Me at a few points on the EP. Each track plods along from uninspired riff to uninspired riff, backed by the only truly interesting thing on that album, the electronics and synth parts. The inclusion of said elements give the music some depth, but nothing worthy of praise.