Raunchy are an interesting band: melding cloyingly sweet pop melodies and heavier, metalcore like riffs in two one hazy elixir, their unique sound can definitely be said to have been ahead of its time. Long before metalcore and djent woke up to the interesting fusion between more mainstream music, Raunchy and perhaps Mercenary were already utilizing the bass heavy beats of pop culture. The band has come a long way, including several line up changes, but now stand before us with a rising name in tow: Mike Semesky, of The HAARP Machine and Intervals fame. Head on over the jump to see how his voice fits in.


Quite well, I must say. At first I was a bit skeptic, but his growls are on point and his soaring clear vocals fit the synths and bouncy beat that play in the background. All in all, this is a solid track, nothing to write home about but also a promise for the things to come. Seeing as bands often put their weak leg forward with upcoming releases, there might be plenty to expect here.

Vices.Virtues.Visions sees release on November the 14th via Massacre Records.


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