Doomsday – Best of 2019

My word, heaviest of all bloggers! It’s the ending of another year. The death of time is inevitable, as is all of our impending doom. Let us commemorate another year with a climactic post. As I was pulling everything together for all of my different best of the year lists,…

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Doomsday – October 2019

A most spooky and haunting greeting unto you all, heaviest of all bloggers! The days are shorter and the nights are longer. You might even be able to fit an entire funeral doom track in an evening at this season. I really love this time of year. First of all,…

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Palehorse/Palerider Get Meditative on New Track “Fire Gone Out”

The Denver trio Palehorse/Palerider embody the core aesthetics of doomgaze, meticulously crafting sweeping soundscapes ripe with mysticism and guttural power. Layering Brandon Richier’s shimmering guitar work and ethereal vocals over the muscular low end provided by bassist David Atkinson and drummer Nate Marcy, they possess the ability to transport listeners…

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What’s in a Label? // Art As Catharsis & Worlds Within Worlds

If you’ve followed Heavy Blog over the last few years, you’ve likely noticed how much we adore the output of Art As Catharsis. This year alone, we’ve seen phenomenal albums ranging from the nu-jazz-fusion of COAST to the artsy chamber pop of Lack the Low to the blackened, deathly metalcore of Bridge Burner. I’ve long…

Hey! Listen to Lowen!

Female vocalists in doom metal bands are far from a dime-a-dozen, but their presence is thankfully much more common than in previous decades of metal’s existence. There’s something utterly transfixing about soaring female vocals covering all the heaviness of doom metal in a haunting, ethereal light. Nina Saeidi is the…

Dreadnought – A Wake In Sacred Waves

All answers to the question “what is myth?” revolve around images. When you boil down myth, a ludicrously complex term, you find archtypes, common images which percolate beneath the surface of the story being told. These images aren’t immediately approachable; we can’t access these ideas, their meaning or their relationships…