Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

Thy Art Is Murder are extremely good at what they do. With each album, they effortlessly prove that they have the consistency and skill to strike with absolute precision while adding just a little bit more to the formula to keep them from getting complacent atop their duly earned throne.…

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Nile Are Planning European Tour With Suffocation This Fall In Support Of Upcoming 8th Album

Nuclear Blast Records definitely stirred up quite a bit of excitement last week when they announced that 2015 would see new releases from tons of their roster’s heavy-hitters, including Slayer, Meshuggah, Testament, Immolation and Nile. Now with the promise of a new album from the South Carolina-native death metal band,…

Enslaved Enter Studio To Work On 13th Album

Not a lot of bands get to a point in their lifespan where they are putting out their 13th album. Very few are as good as famed Norwegian progressive/black metal  Enslaved, because their past two albums, RIITIIR and Axioma Ethica Odini were pretty much their best. Needless to say, news…

Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu

What can be said about Nile that hasn’t already been said before? The Ancient Egyptian historians, some of the fastest musicians in the game right now, and some of the most memorable songs to come out of the death metal scene since all the classic Cannibal Corpse records of the early ‘90s.

Electric Wizard Get Involved With Politics With Legalise Drugs And Murder

Everybody’s favourite sultans of smoke, Electric Wizard have remained rather quiet since the release of Black Masses back in 2010. However, without much fanfare, the band released a vinyl only single in the late stages of last month by the name of Legalise Drugs And Murder which contains the first look into new material which should be contained on their upcoming 8th studio album.