The Bay Area’s Fallujah have been one of the most talked-about new death metal bands to come up in the past few years ever since they dropped their incredible second LP, The Flesh Prevails. Hell, the band even got signed to Nuclear Blast Records shortly afterwards, which will undoubtedly help them get on bigger tours and help put their music out to a wider audience in the future. Now that they’ve been touring pretty relentlessly since last summer, the band teamed up with Sickdrummer Magazine to make a multi-cam live video for the album’s opening track, “Starlit Path.” Check it out below!

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This song is a great way to essentially preview the entire new album; it’s got plenty of blasting death metal fury, hyper-melodic and ethereal guitar leads, and Alex Hofmann’s drawn-out bellows. As of right now the band is not out on the road, but might be planning something for the next few months. After all, The Flesh Prevails hasn’t even been out for a year yet. We’ll let you know whenever they’re coming to your area!


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