Yes, we’re back, with even more mammoth-themed doom metal acts! Today’s band, Mammoth Storm is perhaps a bit more traditional than the previous HLT (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), but it’s still willing to trample all over you if you let it.

While MWWB’s debut Noeth Ec Eturnum was a bit cloudy in its atmosphere, and perhaps took a little bit to really get to the heaviness, Mammoth Storm’s debut Fornjot, is much more straightforward. From the opening riff, Mammoth Storm hits you full force with some of the most doom/stoner-laden riffs you’ll hear in a modern band. The simplicity of the band’s riffs (not a detractor from it’s value, in my opinion) remind me a lot of Sleep’s Dopesmoker, albeit with a little more variation in its song structure.

However, don’t think that this is a traditional doom metal act with no flair to it. Mammoth Storm adds a cool stoner/psychedelic element to its music, though its very subdued. Rather than writing solos that sound like they’re straight out of, like, Zappa’s Hot Rats, Fornjot uses psychedelic features as a general tool. The entire album feels like the album cover—like you’re climbing up a snowy mountain in Sweden to visit a grand elder god and discuss the fabric of reality.

What might put Mammoth Storm above Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard—at least in term of accessibility—is the length and track listing of the former’s album compared to the latter’s; Fornjot is just over an hour of bone-crushing doom laid out in seven songs, while MWWB’s Noec Ac Anoeth is about fifty minutes of music contained within three tracks.


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