MAKE – Pilgrimage Of Loathing

Without using Google to assist and therefore name this bizarre phenomena, everyone knows what happens with any kind of cable. Whether it's a guitar lead, headphones or the plug for your blow up girlfriend, against the grace of all things holy that shit will tangle it self to death when no one is around to see it. This is actually relevant to MAKE. Pilgrimage Of Loathing is a lot like that. After the first few listens, this review was heading towards a pretty grim place - not grim in a positive light either. Like those headphones, over time the weaving of other elements contrived to paint this moody, riff heavy record into something infinitely more pleasing. Somethings really do just need time to breath and a second opinion.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream A Brand New Song From MAKE!

I honestly never get tired of doing these premieres. Many people ask me if these ever get to be sort of a chore since I do so many for us, and the answer is no. I adore the fact that people want us to host this stuff, and the fact that they reach out to me with stuff they know I will like specifically based on my taste is really flattering. MAKE is a band that we have covered on here before, and Simon even reviewed their last record. This time, they're set to release a new album, Pilgrimage Of Loathing, and they've chosen us to host a brand new song from the record! Check it out!

MAKE – The Golden Veil

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