208 – Triplet Grooves And Death Metal Moves

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we go back to our regular programming. New music/stuff/whatever from Ingested, Cytotoxin, Gojira, Defeated Sanity, In Flames, DVSR, John Petrucci, Let Us Prey, and Question. Also, Eden talks about some cross-talk with the Steel Legion Podcast. Then, cool people time with An American Pickle, Hellpoint, A Stranger in Olondria, the Death // Sentence podcast, and Blaseball. Enjoy!

Every Piece Matters – Why Plini Represents The Best Of Nu-Prog

We're here to talk about Plini and why his music should be the blueprint for this growing genre. The reasons are many and, while chronology isn't that good of a reason, it might do to first mention that he's had his name on releases going as far back as 2011. His own releases, along 2013-2015, were tasteful, imaginative sojourns into well defined and enticing musical places. These set some of the main tropes of the genre, including the overall sleek yet colorful aesthetic surrounding the music. But what is it about Plini that makes him rise above the rest? In a growing genre that's already often sounding stale and repetitive, how does he manage to make music which is distinctly his and is interesting to boot? That's the purpose of this article, to examine Plini's appeal and strength of delivery and perhaps, along the way, take a good, hard look at nu-prog and all it has yet to learn.
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Alek Darson – Panopticon

With the art of shred slowly on the out, having been dominated for years by names like Joe Satriani and his legendary pupil Steve Vai, it's only natural that a few self-made individuals would do their best to keep the genre alive in the back alleys. Today, doing his best to keep the faith, we have Alek Darson, a Serbian guitarist who began playing at the young age of 10 on his mother's nylon-stringed acoustic and has only cultivated that gift throughout the years, even making his way to his current residence in Boston where he studied at the famed Berklee College of Music.
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Leprous – Bilateral

Leprous Bilateral 01. Bilateral 02. Forced Entry 03. Restless 04. Thorn 05. Mb. Indifferentia 06. Waste of Air 07. Mediocrity Wins 08. Cryptogenic Desires 09. Acquired Taste 10. Painful Detour L... Read More...