Been sat on this one for awhile now but finally, Hero In Error bring the riffs “The Hollow Truth”. Without holding up your first listen to this infectious beast of a track, let it be said that there are a plethora of talented individuals behind it. More names than you can shake sticks made of shit at. For further reading, riffs and role call, please find yourself over the jump and into the carnival below. Did I already say there are riffs?

Where to start with this devilish, technical metalcore (or something) track. First up, the production by one Justin Hill (ex-SikTh) is dynamite. The roll of the bass and the punch of one Mike Malyan’s kit carve out grooves thicker than the lines in your nan’s forehead. Deep cuts like that are remedied with an incredibly satisfying shift into clean gang vocals and some widdly diddly guitar play: Architects take note, stop recycling choruses. Founding member Regan returns, and him and Powderly craft some fine wares with Senor Kaan (No Consequence) making everything pretty with a ranged display of metal vocals.

A rolling storm of music that wraps itself into three and one half minutes of riff bliss; it’s impossible to not give this multiple spins. Hero In Error release “The Hollow Truth” tomorrow and it can be found right here. Shows in Ireland in September ahead but keep an eye out for more. The riffs are out there.

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  1. karlo

    those last 30 seconds or so go hard, would like to check out the full thing :)


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