Hey! Listen to An Isolated Mind!

On behalf of all of us here at Heavy Blog I must apologise. In March we learned about one of 2019’s more striking and thought-provoking albums, yet you’ve had to wait until today for our coverage. Well, better late than never, for today we right that wrong and bring to…

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The Anatomy of – Toska

When it comes to watching bands play live, I have two pieces of advice that I will happily repeat well beyond the point of tedium. First and foremost, you should always wear ear protection, and I hope the reasoning for this is clear to everyone. Secondly, you should always get…

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The Anatomy Of – Voices from the Fuselage

While I was made aware of Ashe O’Hara through his tenure with TesseracT (Altered State is amazing, fight me) I was stoked to discover Voices from the Fuselage through this intersection. In many ways, their brighter and more atmospheric sound utilizes his ethereal timbre better, setting off other and pleasing areas of his range.…

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Kvlt Kolvmn – October 2018

Maybe it’s the change in the weather, or the average day falling into an early, seemingly perpetual night. Perhaps it’s the trees, left barren and naked against the pale sky. Or it could be my own sense of depleted, frustrated exhaustion as the end of the year draws nigh. Regardless…

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Hey! Listen to Ancst!

It’s not entirely unusual to see a metal band with an established sound take a left turn into new sonic territory. Adding a new subgenre tag, incorporating a synthesizer, or mixing up the songwriting playbook are fairly common, and often welcome. It’s a bit unusual, however, to see a band…

Fallujah – Dreamless

Bay Area death metal act Fallujah have become a controversial act of sorts; the group’s emphasis on glossy atmosphere and flashy prog as well as their open love of shoegaze and dreampop have caused the group to become maligned by some genre purists. The fact of the matter is that Fallujah do not fit neatly into specific genre boxes, and this gets trickier with their latest record Dreamless, a cinematic experience that takes them to new heights while further alienating them from those expecting an unadulterated genre entry.

The Anatomy Of: Aegaeon

Aegaeon’s brand of spacey, heavy deathcore hits hard in all the right places: their powerful combination of reverberating, washed-out leads and almost over-the-top chug-heavy rhythms carries a planet’s worth of weight behind it, and it’s certainly earned them quite the following. Tracks like “The Integral Path”, the band’s newest single, show…

Wintersun – Time I

s the Time really upon us? Is the wait finally over? Famed Finnish symphonic progressive folk metal project Wintersun’s sophomore album Time I is actually getting released. For those unfamiliar with the story; former Ensiferum singer/guitarist Jari Mäenpää created Wintersun, and released a self-titled album in 2004. It was received with high praise and Jari promised he would release a follow-up titled “Time” in 2006. Unfortunately, the computer hardware at the time did not allow for Jari to incorporate all the orchestral elements that he had composed. When the equipment was available, there were financial issues that were sorted out by the label in exchange for the band touring. These and a lot of other factors contributed to the delay of Time, but Jari finally put everything together and made the album happen. But it was announced that the album will be split into two halves and released separately. Long story short, the Time has come for Time to be released, and now we can take a look at the album.