Aegaeon‘s brand of spacey, heavy deathcore hits hard in all the right places: their powerful combination of reverberating, washed-out leads and almost over-the-top chug-heavy rhythms carries a planet’s worth of weight behind it, and it’s certainly earned them quite the following. Tracks like “The Integral Path”, the band’s newest single, show off their insane potential for head-bobbing grooves and memorable lead lines, the latter of which does a great deal to set them apart from their contemporaries, creating an entirely new space for the band to occupy in the field of ethereal, melodic deathcore, a frontier only really ventured into by a few bands, none of which manage to pull the field off with the same level of panache that these guys do. Obviously, a band so able to fluidly fuse spacey, beautifully melodic leads with such extreme heaviness, and so we’ve decided to get the inside scoop from Aegaeon’s guitarist, Sebastian Brown. He’s here today with a little commentary to bring to you The Anatomy Of: Aegaeon!


Killswitch Engage – Alive or Just Breathing

I remember the first time I heard this album my life changed. The guitar tone the, structure of the songs, Jessie’s vocals, I had never heard anything like it. You could feel that he meant every lyric that poured out of his mouth. I’m not much on paying attention to vocals but there is something to be said about when everything just works together and every track on this album is gold. The powerful chorus’s in “Life to lifeless” and “The Element of One” really inspired the way I think about how a song should go together.


Veil of Maya – The Common Man’s Collapse

A good friend of mine I was in a band with junior year of high school showed me some YouTube videos of early Veil of Maya. I was blown away by the way Marc approached guitar; I was instantly hooked. The way he used effects and all of the dissonant chords he used really inspired the way I approached the guitar from then on. I would sit and watch whatever his hands were doing and try and mimic it for hours on end.


Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime

My dad was super into Queensryche when I was a kid. As I grew up and started playing guitar, I would watch his vhs (YES A VHS) of Operation: Mindcrime and the story through each of the songs. That really was my first introduction into the world of concept albums and I loved it! Plus I’m a sucker for some 80’s guitar tones, which both have inspired my contributions to the Aegaeon writing process. I mean who doesn’t like extravagant dive bombs and overly delayed and chorused lead tones?


Pantera – A Vulgar Display of Power

This was the first Pantera record I got a hold of as a kid. This band… what can I say about this band that hasn’t already been said. I’m a huge fan of groove and this record is filled with the nastiest grooves ever written. The track “A new level” specifically stands out to me. If you don’t think the first riff of that song is the heaviest, gnarliest riff on the planet you need to be in a mental institution. That’s all I have to say about that, really. The way Dime approached the guitar rhythmically inspired a lot of the way I write for Aegaeon.


Hans Zimmer – Inception Soundtrack

Our ex- guitar player Jerry got me into listening to film scores. This was one of the first ones that he showed me back whenever the movie came out. I immediately loved the roller coaster of emotions that it put you through and all of the reoccurring melodies that just stuck with you as a listener. Ever since then it has played a big role in the way I think about music. It helped me realize that music is about peaks and valleys and creating an experience, rather than having a million different things happening all at once just to show off, creating a stagnant listening experience in my opinion.


Aegaeon’s got a new release on the way this year! Go check out their facebook page to see any updates on its status.


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  1. karlo

    cool – inception soundtrack is a bit out of left field, but a great choice nonetheless. time in particular is one of my favourite tracks ever, so much emotion

  2. Daniel Tiberius

    Dudes are so good. Saw them tour with Seeker in Baltimore with like 6 people there and it was so crushing. I’m sad that more people weren’t there to enjoy it. Definitely a fan for life.


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