Family – Future History

Something is a-buzzing within the progressive stoner community. We’re barely past the half way mark and the number of great albums released in the genre is steadily increasing. In light of such a process, the definitions of the genre are being challenged, as is only natural; in times of such rapid expansion is when sub-genres are born. From the slower, smoke-drenched Boss Keloid, through the more progressive oriented Illudium, right up to the all together hectic Tardive Dyskinesia, progressive stoner metal is beginning to splinter. However, just as important to this process is a clearly defined center, an essence from which the rest of these experimenters can draw. Where should one look for such a center? How do you even define it?

Luckily, the work of the righteous is often done by others and Lady Luck has mercifully rid us of our conundrum. Through the ways of the inbox, we have been presented with Family’s Future History and within it, we have found our center. The album contains everything that progressive stoner metal is doing today and does so in a lucid, well thought out and delivered manner. However, it never strays too far from the basic trappings of the definition. That’s what makes it so perfect for our needs. It represents a snapshot of a movement, a frozen moment that is immediately understandable to anyone versed in the ideas and sounds of the emerging mode.

Warm – The Human Exemplar

Grunge is not a genre which I enjoy. However, many of its elements can be incorporated into other styles with pleasing results. The most successful of these, to my ears, are the vocals. Something about that raspy Chris Cornell dynamic just gets me going, reaching into places of excitement and lazy wonder. When you take these and you overlay them into metal, mostly the slower, more fuzzy sub-genres, you get an instant match. In the honey-rich lows of such bourbon infused drawls their lives a tension which meshes beautifully with feedback and deep drum rolls. Here, then, is where I introduce you to Warm. The band does, and has been doing since 2011, exactly what I just described. Their brand of stoner is reinforced with a vocalist who has learned well the lessons of the 90’s and their rock.

EXCLUSIVE: Come Inhale Boss Keloid’s “Lung Mountain”!

A few days ago, we reviewed Boss Keloid’s Herb Your Enthusiasm, a massive, smoke-drenched, stoner/sludge creation that isn’t afraid of its own unique sound. We clued you in that the opening track, “Lung Mountain”, is one of the most successful examples of this audacity, featuring all the intoxicating elements which make this album great. Now, the band are kindly streaming this great track via SoundCloud and, just to sweeten the pot (heh, get it?) have thrown in a free download for our readers. That’s right, it’s exclusive download time! Head on down below to snag your track, click that little black arrow on the upper right hand side and spread the Boss!

Boss Keloid – Herb Your Enthusiasm

There are some words and comparisons which almost force you to write themselves down. Certain bands and musical styles all bow towards a central source, like so many sunflowers swaying in a warm, noon sun. Such is the case with Boss Keloid. Try and find a review about this band that doesn’t reference a certain well known band that’s been in operating for more than twenty years now, its name derived from the fortunate juxtaposition between an auto-mechanical part and a collection of hens. However, this simple and straightforward comparison often robs the band of their hard work and the truly unique sound that they’ve managed to produce with this, their second release. Sure, the bass is thick and flirts with the vague filigrees of rock n’ roll, whatever these are these days. But along the vocal lines and intricate guitar parts lives a completely different beast, one more fueled by bands like HARK, Sleep, and Witchcraft then those legendary, bearded gentlemen of big news fame.