148 – Not Gonna Title This That Number

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Lot of good stuff this week! New Born of Osiris album, new material from Crystal Lake, Maximum the Hormone, Astronoid, Downfall of Gaia, Shokran, Arcadia Libre, Children of Bodom, In Flames, and Grimes. Also a full pro shot live show of Trivium without Matt Heafy. Then we discuss a Decibel article about bands who successfully changed memorable vocalists. Then cool people time with Artifact, Bodyguard and Isinona. Enjoy!
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All Mosh, All Misery

2013 was a more than solid year for deathcore (a dirty word these days I understand but how else do you want me to describe it? Breakdeathscreamstep?) with releases from Fit For An Autopsy and Conducting From... Read More...
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Becoming the Archetype – I Am

American progressive metalcore band Becoming The Archetype are an interesting sort. Their earlier albums featured standard metalcore enhanced by death metal musings (in a different manner from regular deathcore). Conversely, their previous album Celestial Completion was heavily influenced by popular progressive deathcore and post-metal bands. It had a different sound that was simpler but also more ambient, featuring clean vocals and post-metal style instrumentation accented by syncopated guitars. Now they've come out with a new record just a year after Celestial Completion, but they've also lost many members in the transition. Now armed with a new singer, bassist and drummer; their new album I Am offers the potential for yet another change in direction. But does the end result actually sound different? Never mind that, is it good? Let's take a look.
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Arcadia Libre – Alpha

As of the past few years, there have been many deathcore/djent bands that have gathered a small but dedicated following online, but there are so many of those bands that it's hard to pick out the ones that are truly special. Arcadia Libre are one of those bands, and they're from Mexico. To be honest, they've been pretty unimpressive with their first few songs, but when they changed direction from standard fare deathcore to an aggressive form of metalcore/djent, they defined their own sound. They've finally released their EP Alpha for free, and it's not disappointing.