EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Pronostic Carry On With "Indefinite Continuity"

We're proud to premiere "Indefinite Continuity", the excellent new single from the band's upcoming release, Chaotic Upheaval, due in May!

Did I have to proof-read that title several times to make sure I got everything right? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It shall forever remain a mystery. What won't remain a mystery though is the answer to the question: "Are Pronostic excellent?" because the answer to that is a resounding YES. Luckily, I have the proof to back it up in the form of "Indefinite Continuity", the excellent new single from the band's upcoming release, Chaotic Upheaval, due on May 12th 2023. If you're unfamiliar with the band, Pronostic play a style of death metal that fits right in with their city's style, namely Montreal and Canada's flamboyant, technical, and melodic style of progressive death. But riffs speak louders than words, so scroll on down below yourself to check all of that out!

That piano! I love it so much! While much of "Indefinite Continuity", like the bass tone, is in keeping with that Canadian style of technical death metal I mentioned above (First Fragment, Beyond Creation, you know what I'm talking about), there's something even more upbeat and beautifully melodic about Pronostic's sound. That piano and the loud synths are part of it, channeling a neo-classical vibe which I just love. You can hear it on the solo as well and even more so on my favorite part of this track (and, to be honest, the entire album) which is the passage right after it. The off-kilter beat, the uplifting guitar leads, the rising, bass-heavy riff which follows it; sheer perfection which makes me dance and scream every time I hear it.

Speaking of the entire album, Chaotic Upheaval in its entirety is just as good as this track and at times even better. It contains anything you might desire from a progressive, technical, and proficient death metal band which Pronostic fully establish themselves as with this release. Make sure you head on over to their Bandcamp to pre-order it and, until them, spin this new single loud and often!

Eden Kupermintz

Published a year ago