HEAVY INTERVIEW // Yvette Young of Covet

I was absolutely thrilled to get a few minutes to chat with Young as she was on the road!

I've been a big fan of Covet over the last few releases, like most people I know within the metal scene. I've also find that my fanhood of this band increased as more releases were brought to bear and the band found their footing. Their style continues to evolve, develop, and deepen, leading to some really beautiful and touching ideas alongside the "baseline" of punchy, progressive math-rock that we've grown to expect from them. At the core of this growth has always been Yvette Young's fierce dedication to pushing her art, whether with Covet or with other endeavors (like the Piano EP we mention in the interview).

I was absolutely thrilled then to get a few minutes to chat with Young as she was on the road. I got the chance to ask her a few questions that have always interested me, like how her relationship with gear works, why she thinks so many metalheads are drawn to Covet's music, how her compositional process works, guest spots she'd love to have, and more! Check it out below, including a video recording so you can see she really was in a winter wonderland as we were speaking!

Of course, make sure to not miss out on Covet's latest, and absolutely excellent, album, catharsis, by heading over to the link below to check it out and buy it. Be excellent to one another!

Eden Kupermintz

Published a year ago