Release Day Roundup: 2/10/23

Rounding up new releases from In Flames, Paramore, Flub, Wig Wam, Carnosus, T3nors, Stormo and more.

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Top Picks

Flub – Dream Worlds (progressive tech death)

The oddly named Flub are somewhat of a tech-death supergroup, consisting of current and ex members of Vale of Pnath, Rivers of Nihil and Alterbeast. Dream Wolrds follows up their extremely promising, self-titled 2019 debut and, although only four tracks long (plus some instrumentals), shows a huge leap forward in the band's songwriting. In particular, vocalist Michael Alvarez, who has also worked with the likes of Inferi, Equipoise and Burial in the Sky, plays a less jarring and much more commanding role this time around. Overall, the band just sound more comfortable, with the songs reflecting their newfound confidence. Definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Wig Wam – Out of the Dark (heavy metal, hard rock)

After nearly ten years of absence (and a fairly dismal decade of existence before that), poorly named Norwegian glam metallers Wig Wam returned kicking all kinds of arse with 2021's Never Say Die. Guitarist Trond Holter's stint with Jorn Land had clearly rubbed off on the band, who suddenly sounded like Whitesnake by way of Black Label Society, rather than The Sweet or whoever else they were poorly immitating during their original run.

While not quite as consistent as their previous record, Out of the Dark continues the band's newfound run of form, delivering a few fist-pumping highlights alongside some ofther less raucous, although still satisfying offerings. The title track is worth the price of admission alone, although I'd still say you're better off starting with Never Say Die. Either way, I've been listening to this album a hell of a lot more than the new Carnosus one, which got rid of all the cool progressive parts that made their debut so compelling, so what atre you going to do about it?

Release Roundup

Ad Omega – Aphelic Ascent (chaotic black metal)

Atomwinter – Sakrileg (death metal)

Bayrolles – Bayrolles (death doom, funeral doom)

Besatt – Hjemkomst (black metal, crust punk)

Bosco Sacro – Gem (experimental goth doom)

Cadaver Shrine – Benighted Desecration (death doom)

Carnosus – Visions of Infinihility (tech death, melodeath)

Ciconia – Animal Chapters (instrumental prog metal)

Ddent – Ex Auditu (post black metal)

Dead Sun Rising – A Soft Decay (post rock, alt metal)

Delain – Dark Waters (symphonic metal) ​​

Deviser – Evil Summons Evil (black metal)

Dispyria – The Story of Marion Dust (power metal)

Distant – Heritage (symphonic deathcore)

Dragoncorpse – The Drakketh Saga (deathcore, power metal)

Elizabeth Shaw – III (instrumental black metal)

Elyose – Déviante (djenty alt metal)

eMolecule – The Architect (prog rock)

Frozen Dawn – The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods (blackened melodeath)

Gates of Mourning – Ruination (black metal)

Häxanu – Totenpass (black metal)

Iterum Nata – Trench Of Loneliness (depressive prog folk)

In Flames – Foregone (melodeath)

Khymera – Hold Your Ground (heavy metal, AOR)

Klone – Meanwhile (prog rock)

The Last Reign – Endangered Pieces: Volume One (melodeathcore)

Luger – Revelations Of The Sacred Skull (hard rock, stoner metal)

Majestic Ryte – Majestic Ryte (heavy metal, prog metal)

Maniae – Vestiges (blackened death folk)

Messe Mortuaire – Nocturnal Demonic Visitation (brutal death doom)

Moonthoth – Uroczysko (black metal)

My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest – Fragment (screamo, emo)

Nameless Mist – Lifeless (post black metal)

Narrow Head – Moments of Clarity (alt rock)

Negative Blast – Echo Planet (sludgecore)

Oak – Disintegrate (death doom, funeral doom)

Paramore – This Is Why (indie pop, alt rock)

Schizophrenia – Chants Of The Abyss (thrash)

Stormo – Endocannibalismo (post-hardcore, hardcore punk)

T3nors – Naked Soul (AOR)

Triagone – Sem Papyrvs (brutal death metal)

Veilcaste – Precipice (sludge doom)

View From The Soyuz – Immaculate (metalcore, melodeath)

Villainous Temple – Fill Creation With Abuse (blackened death metal)

Willoos – Begeerte (post black metal)

Worldfall – Cuatro Paredes (blackened prog metal)

Wounds of Recollection – Warm Glow of the End of Everything (post black metal, blackgaze)

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