Release Day Roundup: 2/3/23

Rounding up new releass from The Smashing Pumpkins, Thrice, Memoriam, Sanguisugabogg, Mithrandium, Phoxjaw, Fvnerals, Tentacult, Victor Smolski, Daemonian, WuW and more!

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No top picks this week. I had faint hope for that new Smashing Pumpkins album but, somehow, it's even worse than the last one, despite actually having "Beguiled" on it this time. And now I'm getting emails about some wrestling tour they're doing (which does not match the sound of the album at all). What the hell is going on with this band?

Anyway, feel free to let me know what I've overlooked or should be otherwise checking out in the comments.

Release Roundup

Act Of Impalement – Infernal Ordinance (death metal, death doom)

Alcoholica – F. E. A. R. (thrash)

All Out War – Celestial Rot (blackened hardcore)

Arcana Collective – Atlas Lost, Act 1: The Long Sleep (prog rock)

Armstrong Gun – Stuck with Steel (heavy metal, thrash)

Black Water Sunset – Engraved Spectral Aeons (death metal, melodeath)

Blackwulf – Thieves & Liars (heavy metal, doom metal)

Carathis – Moonstone & Amethyst (progressive black metal)

Coffin Nail – The Hanged Man (brutal deathgrind)

Daemonian – The Frost Specter's Wrath (melodic black metal)

Dead Sun – Soul Diseased (death metal, melodeath)

Death Feast – Risen From The Tomb (death metal)

Death Reapers – The New Beginning (blackened death metal)

Dewichor – Ritual (black doom)

Dysmal – Gates To Apperception (melodeath)

Eyes – Congratulations (hardcore, metalcore)

The Faith Hills Have Eyes – The Riffth Element (metalcore, southern metal)

Falaise – After All This Time (post black metal, blackgaze)

Fvnerals – Let The Earth Be Silent (post doom)

Godiva – Hubris (symphonic black metal)

Guthravir – Which Shall Be Hereafter Upon the Earth (progressive dsbm)

[Hell Inc.] – Hybris (groove metal, thrash)

Isaiah – Chronos (death metal, deathcore)

Memorium – Rise To Power (death metal, death doom)

Mithridatum – Harrowing (black metal, dissodeath)

Nervochaos – Chthonic Wrath (brutal death metal)

Ophiocordyceps – Anthropocene (brutal death metal)

Order 227 – Rattenkrieg (death metal)

Osiah – Chronos (deathcore)

Palace of Worms – Cabal (progressive black metal, doom metal)

Phoxjaw – Notverynicecream (prog rock, alt metal)

Rexoria – Imperial Dawn (heavy metal, power metal)

Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy (brutal death metal, slam)

Shinagawalove – Vortex (dsbm)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Atum: Act 2 (progressive alt rock, why tho?)

Soulmass – Let Us Pray (melodic death-doom)

Tales Of A Liquid Dawn – The Rise Of Emperor Var (prog rock, doom metal)

Tentacult – Lacerating Pattern (death metal, doom)

Thecla – My Sojourn Among The Torturers (raw black metal)

Thrice – The Artist In the Ambulance: Revisited (post hardcore)

Victor Smolski – Guitar Force (shred)

Warp – Bound By Gravity (stoner metal, psych rock)

The Winery Dogs – III (hard rock)

WuW – L’Orchaostre (experimental post-doom)

Xandria – The Wonders Still Awaiting (symphonic metal)

Yashira/Horsewhip – Split (sludgecore)

Year of the Knife – Dust to Dust (hardcore, metalcore)

Joshua Bulleid

Published a year ago