Release Day Roundup – 12/9/22

2022 begins to wind down with eleventh hour releases from Antecantamentum, Crosses, Puscifer, Lionheart, Rob Arnold, Woods of Desolation and a few others.

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Top Pick

Antecantamentum – Saturnine December (progressive black metal)

I was struggling a bit for a top pick this week, but I happened to stumble across Antecantamentum at the last minute and have been very hansomly rewarded for my curiosity. Saturnine December is over half-a decade in the making from the one-woman black metal project, and has quite the story to go along with it. From the album's bandcamp page:

In May of 2022, my house caught fire. I lost almost everything, particularly all my guitars, and thought I had lost this album as well. Miraculously, the drives in my charred tower managed to survive unharmed, and I was then able to clone the drives and continue on. I moved around for months, all the while still working on this music, finally finishing it in July. I had a very different vision for this album back in 2014, but it’s transformed greatly over the years, it’s become much less cryptic and much more honest.

As for the music itself, Saturnine December balances harrowing, riff-driven black metal with some seriously lush atmospherics, by way of symphonics, piano, electronics, acoustic guitar and I'm sure several other instruments, all played and recorded by Melpomenë. It's a truly monumental achievement and well worth the wait, if not the hardship that produced it.

Relese Roundup

Ahnenkult – Wanderer (atmospheric black metal)

Autumnfall – Bleak (melodic black metal, atmospheric black metal)

Bifrost – Her Den (melodic metal)

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean – I Tried Catching You But You Fell Through Me (sludge doom)

Crosses – Permanent.Radiant (croon wave)

Dead Meadow – Force Form Free (heavy psych, stoner rock)

DeadVectors – Weapon (deathcore, metalcore)

Filth – Murder Inc. (deathcore)

Gomorra – Dealer of Souls (heavy metal)

Instorm – Psycho Violence (melodeath, neoclassical metal)

Laere – Coagula (black metal, post-black)

Leander Kills – Vérkeringő (folk metal, melodeath)

Lionheart – Welcome To The West Coast III (hardcore, metalcore)

Onhou – Monument (post-doom, sludge)

Ploughshare – Ingested Burial Ground (experimental extreme metal, blackened industrial metal)

Puscifer – Existential Reckoning: Rewired (progressive alt rock)

Rioghan – Different Kinds of Losses (alt metal, goth metal)

Rob Arnold – Magnitude (instrumental groove shred)

Salt Money – Love Of My Life (screamo, metalcore)

The Sound of Animals Fighting – Apeshit (post-hardcore, prog rock)

Stabbing – Extirpated Mortal Process (brutal death metal)

Thousand Below  – Hell Finds You Everywhere (post-hardcore, alt rock)

Winds of Leng – Morbid Entities (blackened death metal)

Withered Throne – Enantiodromia (tech death, brutal death)

Woods Of Desolation – The Falling Tide (atmospheric black metal)

YUH – YUH (grindcore, mathgrind)

Joshua Bulleid

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