Release Day Roundup – 12/2/22

Tis the season for releasin' ...New albums from NoFX, Dystopia A.D. Byzantine, Indepth, VRSTY, Frankebok and many more that is!

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Top Pick

Dystopia A.D. – Doomsday Psalm (progressive death metal, melodeath)

New Jersey duo Dystopia A.D. have been dropping solid melodeath releases for a while now, but they've really come into their own on this second full-length effort, which sees the band adopting more of a progressive death metal approach. Don't expect fretless bass and a squeeky clean presentation though (for that, you're going to want to check out the Indepth album). What makes Doomsday Psalm stand out, along with the killer songwriting is a gritty aesthetic, which makes its aresenal of crunchy riffs hit even harder.

Release Roundup

Among Them In Trenches – Drifter In The Woods (deathcore)

Appalling – Sacrilege (black metal)

Barren – I (deathgrind)

Byzantine – Black Sea Codex (progressive groove metal)

Call of Charon – The Cleansing (metalcore, melodeath)

Coffin Feeder – Over the Top (death metal, deathcore)

Defying Plague – Leviathan of Rot (death metal, thrash)

Eisregen – Wiedergänger (gothic black metal)

Frankenbok – The Ex Files: Volume 1 (alt metal, groove metal)

Funeral Mass – Shadow of the Raventhrone (black metal)

Gavran – Indistinct Beacon (doom)

Hammers of Misfortune – Overtaker (prog thrash)

Heron – Empires of Ash (post metal, sludge doom)

Horrid Sight – Evil Made Flesh (death thrash)

Imha Tarikat – Hearts Unchained – At War With A Passionless World (progressive black metal)

Indepth – Ancient Architects (progressive tech death)

Krushhammer – Blood, Violence & Blasphemy (black thrash)

Lost Barron – Dark Messiah (blackened death metal)

Lyzzärd – The Abyss (trad metal)

Napalm Ted – Pestilential Pursuit (grindcore)

NOFX – Double Album (punk)

Obvert – Triumph Beyond Adversity (brutal tech death)

Opus arise – The Network (instrumental symphonic metal)

Revolting – Born to Be Dead (death metal, meodeath)

Rhythm – Deceptor Creator (progressive death metal, melodeath)

Servitude – Everyday Poison (thrashy melodeath)

Synestia – Maleficium (symphonic deathcore)

T.O.M.B. – Terror Winds (weird black metal)

Umbra – Mater (blackened death metal)

Veilburner – VLBRNR (progressive blackened death metal)

Vephar – Ascension Through Torture (death metal)

VRSTY – Welcome Home: Part 3 (metalccore’n’b)

White Lung – Premonition (post punk, alt rock)

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