PREMIERE: Two Brothers "Move with the Moon" In New Video

An unfortunate encounter derails the Two Brothers tour in their new video for "Move with the Moon".

2 years ago

California's Two Brothers are a delightful trio whose album Star Thief was one of our favorite sleeper releases of June. Blending math rock with proggy post-hardcore, emo, bluegrass, and everything in between, the band flaunt a style that evoke lazy summer afternoons and deep conversations you don't want to end.

In their new music video for "Move with the Moon", Two Brothers give us a documentary-style glimpse at life on the road that takes an unfortunate turn for the worst after a late-night encounter with a... raccoon? You'll just have to see for yourself. Check out "Move with the Moon" below and pick up Star Thief on cassette or CD at their Bandcamp.

Calder Dougherty

Published 2 years ago