EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Atsuko Chiba Are Back With "Seeds"

Atsuko Chiba are back! They have found it opportune to share with us "Seeds", the first single from their upcoming album, Water, It Feels Like It's Growing!

Friends, if you've been following my writing at all these past few years you know how I excited I am to be writing these words: Atsuko Chiba are back! Undoubtedly one of the more interesting and unexpected bands working today within the math/post/prog rock spheres, Atsuko Chiba are one of the underrated bands I am most proud to extensively cover on the blog. You never quite know what's coming next: they've dabbled in trippy, electronic, hectic math-rock, long, somber, and moving post-rock, and experimentations in collages, 3-D art, and other aesthetic ideas beyond "just" their music. And now, they have found it opportune to share with us "Seeds", the first single from their upcoming album, Water, It Feels Like It's Growing! Head on down below to check out this excellent new track, alongside its characteristically incredible video.

I've gone on record elsewhere on the blog about how much I love the idea of fusing modern, progressive music with dance before and this video is a fantastic example of how to do it well. The track, which communicates heavily with Atsuko Chiba's earlier career and style while still introducing some of their more recent trappings, oscillates between its somber rhythm and psychedelic guitars and synths. So too the video, moving back and forth between images of nature, human construction, and the human body as exemplified by its incredibly talented performing artist, Jade Maya.

The images, carefully constructed by longtime Atsuko Chiba friend and collaborator, Rodrigo Sergio, channel the different layers, movements, and rhythms of the psychedelic track. The video then becomes the back-drop on which unfurls Atusko Chiba's most trippy, and most expansive track to do date, diving deeper (and more out there) than the band ever have before. And, of course, its glorious; the redolent synth tones, the subtle strings which usher out the track, the way the track builds and breathes, its discordant death, the way all of the above merge with the accompanying images, all create yet another bold, interesting, and above all satisfying outing from one of my favorite bands.

Water, It Feels Like It's Growing releases on January 20th, 2023 via Mothland. Make sure you follow Atusko Chiba for more news on pre-orders and the release; it's sure to be an interesting ones, like all of their albums. And while you're here, perhaps listen to my favorite album by them? You won't regret it.

Eden Kupermintz

Published a year ago