Monthly Missive // November 2021

As I’m writing this, I am listening to the new Bent Knee album and thinking about how much we’ve all overcome in the last few years and how

3 years ago

As I’m writing this, I am listening to the new Bent Knee album and thinking about how much we’ve all overcome in the last few years and how much we’ve adapted. And I’m not even talking about Heavy Blog here; I’m talking about you! That’s right, you reading this. When was the last time you stopped for a second to look back at the last few years (even before COVID), and appreciate what a marvelously chameleon like creature you are? It’s not just that you might be doing something different than you did back then. It’s not even that you dress different or act different. It’s that you feel different! And also the same. And also entirely alien. It’s that, if we zoom out for a second, this nebulous idea called “an identity” completely falls away.

Some people might think that this is a negative thing but I am completely opposed to that. Our ability to be like so much sand running through a sieve, made up of a million particles that refuse to be contained by the passage of time, is what makes us so beautiful. I mean, look at Bent Knee: this isn’t a review for their new album but by God, it opens with a bunch of auto-tuned vocals and that’s the least surprising thing this album does. Is it not something that we all share, if we just get in tune (get it) with it? This ability to cast our previous narratives, the previous vocabularies of identity that chained us to who were, and just be different? For sure it’s a muscle; it’s not just something you switch on and off. It’s something you get trained in. It’s a skill you cultivate.

But, and here comes the twist you knew was coming if you’ve been reading my introductions and writing in general for a while now, what better way is there to get training in this than by listening to music? After all, when an album is on, it puts you in a specific mood; it shows you a way to be. And it’s all so evocative and serious and effective while the album is playing but then the album ends and it’s just…gone? Sure, it might linger with you for a few hours and, if the album is exceptionally good, even longer than that but at some point, it fades and you move on to be differently. Until you play the next album and then you’re different in a different way. And so on.

It’s sort of like books; those who read live a thousand lives and die a thousand deaths. But music is more unmediated than that; it creeps past the barrier between the object being observed and the subject doing the observation. It’s a more intimate expression of a different person, a different self, singing to you across the bridge of time by recording the vibrations it makes on the world. Washing over you and re-configuring you, like a wave does to the sand on the beach. Right. Enough of that I think. Here are some new modes of being that were released during, or close to, the month of October in the year 2021. Please listen to this Bent Knee album, OK?

Enjoy. I love you. Whoever you might be today, or whoever you might have been yesterday and especially whoever you are going to be tomorrow.


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Eden Kupermintz

Published 3 years ago