You might recall that earlier this year, my mind was blown by two projects especially: Cara Neir and Gonemage. Both involved or were directly spawned from the mind of one Garry B., who, incidentally, also released a phenomenal death metal album under Sallowmoth. Where as Cara Neir blended chiptune and grindcore to create an intensely high octane type of music, Gonemage was more on the somber side of things, dipping into post-black and alternative metal for its inlfuences. Lo and behold, Gonemage returns not six months later with more weird, experimental, electronic goodness as the project gears up to release the bizarre Sudden Deluge. I say “bizarre” because it’s even more outré than Mystical Extraction was, adding elements of garage rock, noise rock, sludge, and a lot more into the mix. Just scroll down to the track we’re premiering from it today; it’s already a ride and then some, and the album has much more of that.

Damn, is this strange, or what? The first moments of the track are almost dungeon-synth, reminding me of nothing else than Loop Hero‘s soundtrack. Then, things pick up in pace and become more garage rock-y, with plenty of bass and bouncy guitar riffs backed up now by abrasive screams and now by sweet vocals. Of course, the electronic/chiptune element is very much present, forming the musical backbone of the track, its main “riff”, and the main thrust of its beat. Near its end the track seems to collapse under the weight of its many influences, re-emerging as something fast, heavy, and off-kilter, especially as the electronics seem to get louder even as the vocals become more abrasive, gearing up for the track’s closer.

Phew! It’s a lot, right? But, as I said above, the album has even more experimentation for you as it explores, ducks under, and subverts many of the influences and sounds we heard here. Sudden Deluge drops on November 19th and you can pre-order it from the Bandcamp page above. Oh, and there’s also a new Cara Neir coming (yes, this year). We’re premiering something from that soon as well. Stay tuned.

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