Texas mathgrind project The Sound That Ends Creation have captivated us year over year with their annual descent into complete fucking madness. Each and every year over the past five years, Allen, Texas’ Chris Dearing has pushed his music deeper into bizarre and avant garde reaches, just last year introducing pianos for cartoonish effect on Music Designed To Give You Ideas. Dearing’s penchant for tech slapsticks makes The Sound That Ends Creation one of the leading acts in the “Myspace Grind” revival (if such a thing even exists). In case you’re new here: fans of Psyopus, See You Next Tuesday, early Daughters should find lots to love.

The upcoming opus Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines — out October 2nd on Dark Trail in digital and physical formats — continues the trajectory, incorporating saxophones and horns to further accentuate the chaos. In addition to two other singles now streaming on Bandcamp, we’re excited to provide a preview of the album’s theatrics with “I Saw Something That Reminded Me Of You, Then I Flushed,” wherein Dearing rails against “leeches and freeloaders.”

You can stream the one-minute barnburner below:

Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines is available to pre-order now, with merch bundles including CD and Vinyl available on Bandcamp. To keep up with Dearing, be sure to follow The Sound that Ends Creation on Facebook.