From an area of music defined by extremes of seemingly totally accidental shifts in high-tension, high-impact sounds, The Sound That Ends Creation never caves in from pressure to slow down or change moods. It’s without a doubt someone completely removed from even relatively safe but abrasive metal would find the one-man project’s new record practically unlistenable. That’s kind of why Music Designed To Give You Ideas… Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas should be celebrated. Intense, maniacal music at a million miles an hour for the most part, it’s not without flaws – but an opening paragraph needs a counterbalance. Everything has flaws. It’s just very hard to hear them over everything fun about this.

One Chris Dearing is responsible for The Sound That Ends Creation, and he didn’t just stop at picking a great fucking name for a project that sounds like this. Even with all the tools at the hands of anyone seriously into creating entire musical efforts on their own, using every single guitar part, each and every one of the numerous, nay, bountiful arpeggiating and thunderous synths, there are about a million other individual parts happening on Dearing’s latest offering to the algebraic Titans of core.

The range of vocal styles employed – layered very creatively on all accounts – don’t always quite carry as much “argh!” as maybe intented, but are again peppered throughout. Seriously, a million guitar noodles and chunky, groovy, but never lazy beastly riffs. The Sikth cum Danza or Maruta opener will turn the undesirables away and it’s a great way to start. From then on out, Music Designed… is all wild, jarring grind with particularly dervish cuts early in “Civil Serpents” and “Pulling 562 Teeth All at Once”. One has the edge with effortless yet devastating shifts in groove and movement (groovement?) while the other uses all ninety of its sizzling seconds to turn away those who thought they’d make it to track eight at least.

Want to mess with a “not-metal” friend? Make Dearing’s latest record play in their home through speakers they can’t find, maybe once or twice a week until they finally crack. It’s a Looney Tunes style Gatling gun spitting out over the top arpeggos that would make Malmsteen weep into the melting skin and peroxide puddle of his old head? Make it through “This Math Problem Divides the Internet”. Past it? Congratulations, you at even a very small level appreciate this. Sure, sometimes the abundance can become stifling and crowding blurs some of the probably playful guitar parts kinda often. The titles are hard to type out too. But one can just copy and paste. The same works for listening to this sometimes messy record. Squint and you’ll hear it better

Music Designed To Give You Ideas… Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas is definitely full of ideas. Maybe a hundred ideas for every sub-bass drop. Cybernetically enhanced and sonically pretty terrifying, there’s a lot to unpack in the short run of this record. Focus too hard on any one element of the often ridiculously busy sound and risk missing the radiant joy of just hearing absolute chaos; it’s grinding, winding math metal bedlam from start to finish. There’s no real need for a real dissection of it. Those who know, know. Those who don’t care for The Sound That Ends Creation, or any of the project’s peers, don’t know. That’s fine. It’s just ideas.

Music Designed to Give You Ideas​.​.​. Incase You Should Run Out of Ideas is available Nov. 22 and can be purchased via the Bandcamp link above.