Norway is perhaps not the first place that springs to mind when thinking about post-rock but there are a few great bands operating in the genre from out of the country. The Samuel Jackson Five, Jaga Jazzist, Bushman’s Revenge and their ilk have been making great post-rock and post-rock adjacent music for years now out of the frigid north. To this list we can now add Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. This relatively young band is gearing up to release their second offering, Blitz Sessions, on August 21st. The sessions were recorded in the famous Blitz youth house, one of the oldest autonomous houses in Europe, with a rich history of anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, and dedication to music. We’re proud to premiere “Godthåb” off of this release today, a dreamy and energetic post-rock meditation on darkness, hope, and the future.

“Godthåb” does a great job of channeling both melancholic post-rock and more energetic on the genre. The underlying backbone of the track, the drums and the bass, don’t lend themselves to dreaminess but rather to an anxious and forward-facing momentum and groove. The guitars sit on top of this foundation, playing with feedback, delay, and more mournful sounds. In that sense, the track perfectly echoes its namesake, the capital of Greenland. It rests on pillars that seem grounded to the bottom of the ocean, dark and cavernous, but also reaches towards a sky that is frozen but a sky worth reaching for nonetheless.

All of these elements blend together to create the kind of longing and introspection that great post-rock always aims at. The track serves as a promising first taste from these upcoming pre-orders and from the band in general, who hopefully have a long future ahead of them. Head on over to their Bandcamp page above to pre-order the release and perhaps win back some winter in the midst of all of this summer.