What a year it has been for melodic black metal! Several incredible albums have already been released in the genre, ranging from the epic and symphonic to the cold and sinister in just a few months. It looks like Inexorum is gearing up to keep this trend going, as they aim to release Moonlit Navigation, their second album, on June 26th. As you can tell from listening to the title track, this release is all about the foundations of melodic black metal, namely big guitar parts, abrasive vocals, and the chilly tones which make black metal what it is. But on top of it is layered this level of melody that is irresistible; akin to the early works of bands like Insomnium, Inexorum have this emotional and grandiose shell to them that sets their music apart.


This sort of larger than life sound starts from the very first seconds of the self-titled track that was released a few weeks ago, as multiple guitar layers set the tone for the track. In fact, this intricate interplay between multiple guitar parts will continue through the entire track (and album), even as the catchier main riffs start playing. As a result, there’s always a lot going on at the same time with Inexorum’s music, creating an ever grander sense of scale. This allows the backing guitars ample room to explore ideas hinted at with the main lines of the track, creating interesting melodies and counterpoints.

Add in the blackened vocals, extremely satisfying in their shrill crispness, and some very mix-forward and robust drums, and you’ve got Moonlit Navigation in a nutshell. This is an album for those who are truly dedicated to the melodic black metal genre and love its tropes for what they are: larger than life, emotional, and expressive. Head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to pre-order the album; you won’t regret it!