There’s undeniably a lot of tech death coming out these days, which is great for the genre, but also it makes it harder for artists to stand out. Symbolik might be a name that people who had their ear to the ground near the beginning of the last decade might remember. After a very solid debut in 2011 with Pathogenesis, they laid low, with the exception of a single. Now, they’re back with a full length album, and it’s very exciting. Flourishes of neoclassical virtuosity and fast drumming hit just that right spot. Emergence will be coming out on Artisan Era on the 10th of April, and we’re happy to bring you the latest single, “Augury of Ancients”:

You can get it on bandcamp here, and check previous singles here and here. Also, as we all know, we are going through a global health crisis which is adversely affecting musicians, so you can support them by buying their merch here. Stay safe, and stay tech.