The COVID-19 Meta-Resource Guide For Musicians

There’s no point in sugarcoating it. COVID-19 – or its more commonly referred classification “coronavirus” – is creating a situation worldwide unlike any we’ve seen in the better part of

4 years ago

There’s no point in sugarcoating it. COVID-19 – or its more commonly referred classification “coronavirus” – is creating a situation worldwide unlike any we’ve seen in the better part of a century. There is the public health crisis side of it that we are in no way qualified to speak authoritatively about – other than to say follow what leading health officials are recommending in terms of limiting human contact – but it is also driving a quickly cascading economic crisis that could have longer-term and more widespread effects across the world.

For us more immediately we’ve experienced it in the near-complete shutdown of the music and entertainment industries. Any tours happening within the next couple of months have been cancelled, and pretty much all venues in countries and states currently facing outbreaks have been closed down until further notice (if they serve food some have been able to stay open for take-out/away orders). This not only affects musicians and bands, but it affects all individuals involved with the music industry as a whole, down to the bartenders and service workers who keep bars and venues running (many of whom have the double whammy of also being in bands affected by all of this).

In the past week I’ve seen the reactions from the music communities I follow and am involved in range from calm circumspection to depressed resignation to near panic. Most of what I’ve seen all over the place though is uncertainty and confusion about what will happen to them and their finances/general well-being during this period. While much of that will be determined by state and national government responses that very few of us who read this might have some influence in, there are things being done by national, state, and local organizations, governments, and collectives to set up direct assistance to the people who will need it.

With that in mind and wanting to feel productive in some way amid all of this mess, I’ve gone ahead and started compiling lists of resources and funds that musicians, service workers, artists, writers, and entertainers can access right now if they are in need of financial, medical, or housing assistance. This is by no means a fully comprehensive list, but I hope to keep it updated as time goes on. If you are aware of anything not mentioned below, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or directly message us at our Facebook page (you will receive an auto-response telling you to e-mail us, but we still monitor it for things we can reply to immediately). This list is very much USA-biased (funny how much more we seem to rely on these sorts of emergency funds in cases like these, hmm?), but if there are any comparable ones elsewhere, please share them.

In addition to the resource list, I would also like to mention that this past weekend we launched a new Heavy Blog community group on Facebook and revived our Discord server for all people who follow us in some capacity and would like to be able to directly interact with Heavy Blog staff, musicians, and other readers. With the more immediately visceral public health and economic effects of all of this at the forefront of people’s minds, it can be easy to downplay the humongous mental health toll that all of this will be having on people, either directly because of COVID-19 or due to the effects of quarantining and social distancing. We say all the time that our readership and community is one of the best out there, and we want to give everyone a chance to be a part of it and get through all of this together.

Stay safe. Be good to each other. We love you.

Updated 3/23/20

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Nick Cusworth

Published 4 years ago