This upcoming festival season is set to be absolutely mental. With lineup reveals coming left and right, it’s hard to keep track of all the excellent music that’s about to wash over the community across the world. Bad Pond Festival will be the site for much of that music, backed by the fantastic Small Pond Recordings label. Located in lovely Brighton and with a lineup already sporting fantastic names like TTNG, And So I Watch You From Afar, and Delta Sleep (!), plus more to be announced, this festival is set to be a veritable mecca for those of you who are interested in math and post rock, smack dab in the middle of Spring on the 2nd of May. To prove my point, we’ve also snagged a live performance by none other than Pijn, one of our favorite UK post-metal bands currently in operation. Taken at Bad Pond 2019, this video is for “Denial”, off of the band’s excellent 2018 release, Loss. Head on over down below to get a taste of Bad Pond and get yourself hyped for this year’s iteration!

Not many words need to be shed about Pijn here; these lads should be firmly on your map or you’re fucking up. I think it’s fantastic to see how well their brand of somber, oppressive post-metal translates to the stage, charged with a certain energy by the band’s very presence and performance. They’re young yet, so expect more great things from Pijn as their journey into thick tones, dark atmospheres, and vicious grooves continues to unfold.

For now, make sure you snag your tickets for Bad Pond Festival 2020 to check out more promising names in this sphere (I mean, they already have Delta Sleep, probably the most talked about band in this sub-genre today). There aren’t very many labels doing as good a work as Small Pond in these spaces, and whatever names they choose to add to this already killer lineup are sure to be fantastic. Happy travels!