I’ve been on one of my synthwave kicks lately so getting news that Das Mörtal has a new single out was just what I needed. I covered the producer when we premiered a track from his previous album, almost three years ago. Back then, I lauded his sound’s staying power; couched in plenty of “deeper” influences like techno, Das Mörtal’s track just have a sort of punch to them that few other electronic artists do. His new track, “The Void”, is now different, serving up an onslaught of incisive beats and robust synths. Head on down below to stream it!

I believe the correct response is “unf“. From the get go, “The Void” takes no prisoners, diving deep into its underlying beat with some truly satisfying synths. The tones just work so well, testimony to Mörtal’s skill as a producer. The touches he adds to these basic tones, like the various percussive instruments which chirp in the background, the overall track structure with its clever rises and falls, and how he manipulates the synths themselves deepen his skill into the realms of composition. Put simply, the track doesn’t just sound good, it also progresses, manifesting ideas over the initial structure laid out in its first few seconds. By the time the track ends, plenty of ground has been covered, the whole coming together from its parts quite nicely.

While “The Void” is a stand-alone single, I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that more new music is coming from Mörtal, and soon. For now, watch out for the 31st of January, when this single officially drops, check out dates for Mörtal’s tour below, and stay tuned for more info in the future.