Rejoice, for it is once again time to premiere a track from a band signed to the excellent Small Stone Recordings! In case you’ve forgotten, these guys have released some of my favorite stoner rock and metal over the past couple of years, so I always enjoy working with them. This time around, we have the excellent and trippy instrumental stoner of Seven Planets, who are getting ready to release their excellent new album, Explorer, on February 2nd. “Seven Seas”, the track we’re premiering today, is one of the moodier tracks on the album or, as the band put it, “like the soundtrack of a creaky old ship that sets sail on calm, dark waters then plows through a few storms along the way”. Hell yes! Let’s get you listening and we’ll meet down the line to chat.


This track actually immediately reminded me of The Bakerton Group, an underrated Clutch side-project which deals in this kind of dreamy, crunchy instrumental stoner rock. Just like them, Seven Planets find their strength in the lilting, melodic iterations of the track and the beautiful way in which dual guitar tracks, a thick bass line, and great drums interact. That bass line becomes extra important after the middle of the track when, after a short but prominent sojourn alongside the guitars, it rises to take center stage and work with the drums to create an irresistible, evocative groove. All of these elements come together to create a track that’s more than just cool tones but has a story to tell and atmosphere to set, much like the album as a whole.

Explorer is out on February 2nd, as we said, and can we also spend a moment on its excellent cover? So damn cool. Head on over to the Bandcamp page above to pre-order this bad boy. If you like stoner that’s not afraid to mellow in its vibes and take you on a trip, you’re going to want to do that ASAP.