Politics aside, there’s a lot that’s going right in the UK right now, musically at least. The North of the country is seem hell-bent on releasing some of the nastiest and heaviest music around while the south is rediscovering its penchant for stoner, doom, and folk rock/metal. This comes alongside the always vibrant tech scene, which keeps knocking out great albums, and supplements it, creating a wider variety of sound coming out of the scene. Case in point, riff-merchants Sail who you might remember (but only if your memory is really good) from my review a few years ago. Back then, I found the band passionate and skillful in creating the kind of stoner/doom which has been flowing out of their region for a while now and their album a worthy addition to that tradition.

Now, Sail are back with an EP/single release that we’re proud to premiere here below. It includes the eponymous track, “Starve”, and two live performances from the band and let me tell you, it’s definitely proof that the band still have it. “Starve” is a neat little track, channeling more Baroness and Torche than previous sounds from the band. It has that same far-flung energy that those bands have, staying away from heavier and slower composition in favor of bounce, rhythm and attack. The live sessions work really well with it, as they display the band’s more melodramatic and melancholic sound.

Overall, Starve is a good reminder that Sail exist and a promising stepping stone for the future of the band (hopefully). Head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to grab it and keep your eyes open for more news from these guys, sooner, hopefully, rather than later.

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