It’s been five years since we last spoke about Wolves Like Us, a melodic hardcore band that’s been on a path of metamorphosis for a while now. Their previous release, 2014’s Black Soul Choir, presented a darker and cleaner version of their sound, creating an energetic and emotional album. Five years later, the band are gearing up for Brittle Bones, their next effort. The album features more grunge influences, especially on the vocals, injecting the album with a nostalgic and powerful air that reminds one of the Foo Fighters. We’re proud to partner with Pelagic to bring you the first single from this album, “Stay Cold”, right here today! Scroll on down to check it out and let’s chat a bit after.

Boy, oh boy do I love this. “Stay Cold”, like much of Brittle Bones, has this spring in its step that’s just impossible to resist. That’s also mirrored in its excellent cover art, the pink font blending beautifully with the darker image. That’s kind of what the album sounds like; the staple Wolves Like Us sound is definitely here but they haven’t stayed in place, fusing it with an even more melodic style that just makes it pop. As mentioned above, that difference is mostly heard in the vocals, as they present a sweeter, more fleshed out version of their sound.

The album doubles down on these ideas to create something akin to what Torche or Kvelertak can create (which is no coincidence, since Kevelertak’s Bjarte demoed this album). If you like what this is shaping up to sound like, Brittle Bones releases on the 25th of October via the always excellent Pelagic. You can pre-order it right here and make sure you do; Wolves Like Us deserve to be much bigger than they are today.