Death metal has a penchant for being fairly on the nose with its band names. Hate Eternal, Carcass, Autopsy, and, you know… Death. Pretty fitting for the type of music and lyrical content these bands so emphatically espouse. Spain’s Come Back from the Dead continue this age-old tradition with music to match. Peddling a particularly nasty and at times downright vicious brand of old school death metal with just a hint of Swedish influence, their debut album The Coffin Earth’s Entrails was loud enough to raise an army of the undead, causing tectonic-level shifts through the almighty power of the riff. The band’s sophomore full-length, The Rise of the Blind Ones, continues on the trajectory established by their earliest releases, culminating in a battering ram of well-produced OSDM with enough power to topple whatever walls placed in front of it. Today, we’re pleased to bring you a track from their upcoming record, “Darkness Abominations”, premiering exclusively here at Heavy Blog.

The long and short of it is this: If you like old school death metal, you’ll like this track. From its opening seconds, “Darkness Abominations” pulls absolutely no punches, establishing a classic death metal riff sequence that is as potent and lethal as one could possibly hope for. Paul’s vocals fly toward listeners in a raging torrent of venomous bile, stacked atop Hector and Miguel’s stellar guitar work and a manically propulsive rhythm section. The production is also a stand-out component of the track, bringing simultaneous heaviness and clarity to a track that could easily have been a jumbled audio disaster without steady hands at the board. The entire package culminates in a veritable onslaught of direct, powerful death metal that is as enjoyable as any I’ve heard this year.

If you are unfamiliar with Come Back from the Dead, I strongly encourage you to change that. “Darkness Abominations” is a fiendish delight for fans of old school death metal, and should put the band’s upcoming album squarely on your must-have list. It drops worldwide September 13th, and you can pre-order it on the band’s Bandcamp page