It’s the last thing on a Friday so we’re here to ruin your weekend with this debut from Jamie Christ (Sectioned) and his new multimedia project – CHRISTWVRKS. We have the privilege of showcasing the first music released under this banner, as well as the terrifying, mania-inducing music video for “Terminal Uniqueness”, the first cut from Teeth Fall From The Open Eye. Stuffed full of distressing visuals and diabolical sounds, this is not something to play on your car-share home from the office, unless you actually want everyone else in the car to jump out into traffic. It should probably be noted that if you’re photo-sensitive, you might want to close your eyes. You have been warned.

Shot in Christ’s home of Edinburgh – where he is amassing a cult following for his striking blackwork tattoo art – “Terminal Uniqueness” sees the vocalist and mastermind behind the sound embodying several characters through mask and costume; each representing a different aspect of his own personality. Shot in a terrifying, abstract fashion, the video would be terrifying on its own, but the harsh noise and faint hints of traditional black metal bubbling under the surface push this debut into even murkier territory. If Godflesh and The Body were to collab with the bastard offspring of Gnaw Their Tongues and Anaal Nathrakh, it might look and sound a bit like this.

The hellish, blackened noise of the track permeates under the strobe-heavy visuals, allowing Christ the opportunity to let the voices in his head break out, even if only for the four minutes of the track. CHRISTWVRKS exists for the purpose of this artist needing a respite from personal tragedy, helping him come to a point of self-realisation through the process of creating an hour of twisted sounds, and the catalogue of physical art that arrives alongside it.

Teeth Fall From The Open Eye will be released on October 11th, with a high-quality book of Christ’s tattoo art, unique designs/lyric sheets for each track, stills from the “Terminal Uniqueness” shoot, and more. It’s a project that Christ believes was completely necessary for him to undertake, if only to give the fear and noise in his head a voice to scream out to the world with. Having heard the full record, it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from. Captivating and shocking in equal measures, it’s going to be one of the most extreme things you hear all year.

You can follow Christ on Facebook, Instagram, and the CHRISTWVRKS Bandcamp too.