Life is all about relationships. You enjoy the good ones and work towards maintaining them, reaping the rewards when the two parties really ‘click’. That’s why we’ve got more new Fawn Limbs for you. The mathgrind project from Finland by way of Pennsylvania continue to churn out the most chaotic and cacophonous music around, mixing razor-sharp riffs with impeccable percussion and blending the most unholy of vocal sounds with ear-piercing feedback. Quite simply, they make music perfect for extreme-leaning Heavy Bloggers. Over the jump today we have the first look at the hellish kaleidoscope of a video for “The Rigid Mute”. Enjoy.

Pulled from their upcoming LP, Harm Remissions, “The Rigid Mute” doesn’t deviate too far from the general direction that Fawn Limbs have been charging at since last August; their debut EP Towing Heads swiftly followed by several more short releases over the last twelve months. That isn’t to say that you should be expecting predictability from this cut, no sirree. Eeli Helin’s signature growl punctuates the stuttering, scything guitar work we’re getting used to – whammy dives and crunching rhythmic manipulation aplenty for the Car Bomb‘ers and Frontierer‘ers out there – and Lee Fisher’s unique blend of syncopated grooves and primal tom bashings are just as playful and poignant as any extreme metal percussive display this side of the century. The track is over before you’ll get a chance to work out what the fuck is going on. That’s kind of the point. Helin explains below:

“We’re thrilled to work with Heavy Blog once again to present to you the third single from our upcoming album. Taking into account the earlier visuals, we decided to start from clear and straightforward imagery, then wrench and distort it until it makes you nauseous. Feels familiar? That’s life for you.

There is a clear storyline present as in the previous clips, but it won’t be as apparent this time. The lyrics will give purpose to all the chaos and blur. You arrive into this hole of a world screaming and will exit it the same way. All you love will die and turn to shit. This is where you end.”

Words to really get your week off to a good start. Harm Remissions will be released on August 2nd  with a small physical run – some really sexy looking cassettes, you won’t want to miss out – via Sludgelord Records. Grab it here or here. The record is absolutely devastating, clocking in at nearly thirty minutes of grinding math terror. You haven’t heard anything quite like it, not quite yet.