Few bands rarely see tenth anniversaries. Even fewer will see the success of large-scale tours in their home country or others, huge stages, massive production values, or even a consistent lineup. Animals as Leaders, however, have managed to consistently pump out immense instrumental material over four albums. From 2009’s self-titled to 2016’s The Madness of Many, Animals as Leaders have riffed their way out of the confines of djent to grow as gargantuan progressive gods.

On their tenth anniversary tour, Animals as Leaders bring Indianapolis’ The Contortionist and the Brooklyn-based musical duo Buke and Gase. If you frequent Heavy Blog is Heavy, you should already be quite familiar with The Contortionist, so we’ll save you time and not retread. However, we do encourage you to check out Buke and Gase if you’re into experimental music. The duo make all their own instruments, with the exception of the keyboard, but all the sounds emanating from those ivories are as hand-crafted as they get.

Without further ado, please enjoy these photos from the Animals as Leaders 10 Year Anniversary tour!