It’s really hard to find good power metal these days. I’m not saying it’s not out there but it’s buried deep within layers and layers of bands that don’t seem to understand that imitation only works if you add a layer of your own personality to it. Tanagra, however, understand this very well; their recently released Meridiem is a joyous exploration of everything that’s great about power metal. It includes more straight-forward anthems, like the track for which we’re premiering a lyrical video today, but also expansive, progressive takes on the genre that exceed the ten minute mark.

“Etheric Alchemy” does a good job of displaying all the different influences that go into making Meridiem tick. On one hand, you have more modern sounding guitar tones, calling to mind projects like Ayreon or Caligula’s Horse. But on the other, in the composition and tones used for instruments like the synths, you can sense the neo-classical influences through and through; it’s like Symphony X collided with the melodic riffs of Borknagar, creating a more dynamic but still inherently bright version of their neo-classical power metal. Everything comes together to create an evocative and expansive album, hitting multiple checkboxes while still heavily appealing to fans of power metal played “straight and true”.

Check out the lyrical video for “Etheric Alchemy” below. If you like what you hear, head on over to the band’s Bandcamp to grab the album!