Of Modern Architecture is one of those bands for which I’m grateful to the blog, because I probably would have never heard of them otherwise. They play a bewildering mix of styles, touching across deathcore, progressive death metal, metalcore, and are even known for going even further afield at times. Ever since their 2015 release, Wilderness, which garnered them our attention in the first place, they’ve released an excellent EP called Dichromacy, which saw them tapping into their more progressive, scintillating metalcore side, bringing forth a calmer, cleaner, more evocative kind of sound for the band.

It appears that now, in 2019, Of Modern Architecture are back on the warpath; they released a single titled “Overburden” last month, accompanied by a great video, which sees them return to noisier ground, channeling a faster, almost black metal tinged influence. Now, we’re happy to premiere yet another track from the band, called “Ritual of the Black Blood” and let me tell you, the heavy is definitely back. Even more so than “Overburden”, this track is all fury and spite. Right out of the date, it brings the more blackened style of vocals to the forefront, layering them over cavernous notes and an atmosphere of dark tension which explodes across faster choruses nearer the middle of the track. Later on, more complicated and dissonant guitar lines are added into the mix, heightening the sensation of oppression further, with more a more mathcore, off-kilter feeling to the end of this short track.

Are these singles a part of a bigger release from these guys? The band kept their cards close to their chest when we asked, only saying that “we have plenty more material coming this year”. Color me excited. In the meantime, hand on down below to the Bandcamp link to stream this beast of a track and get ready for more excellent music coming from Of Modern Architecture this year!

[bandcamp width=350 height=442 track=2808686223 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]