How many times did I check that I spelled the track name correctly? Many times. How much was this induced by the video that we’re premiering here? A lot. When Nick stumbled uponAiming for Enrike all those years ago, I still didn’t know what I was into. To be honest, I still don’t; these Oslo gents are prone to making anything from “what if Three Trapped Tigers took a bunch of designer drugs?” to “hey, remember Adebisi Shank? No, really, remember how good they were?” The track at hand, “Hard Dance Brainia” seems to be a bit of both, sharp electronics melding with a ferocious beat and a copious amount of effects and the video…the video sure is something. Head on below the jump to get a taste for yourself; don’t forget to bring your plastic sunglasses and equally plastic suit.

Yes. The video for “Hard Dance Brainia” features what I can only assume and hope is a band member (because who else would you subject to making this clip) dancing, well, hard to the sounds of the track and smashing assorted keys and drums to the crooked step of the corresponding sounds. To be honest, it looks the way I feel when listening to the track itself; something about the powerful approach to electronics that Aiming for Enrike always bring to the table just lets loose the dancer in me and makes me want to subject whole streets to my elegant antics. With this track, the duo seem to have turned things up even further, once again flirting with the heights reserved for Adebisi Shank.

I also appreciate how the video, like the track itself, escalates: lights are added as the beat becomes more robust, strobes increase in tempo as the track adds more synth layers and articulation to its ideas, and things reach an aesthetic boiling point right as the music soars off towards the end of the track. Alright, I need to go and have a bit of a lie down now; for now, we have this single to light our way. What’s next for these guys? Who knows. As before, we shall await further blistering word of their escapades. In the meantime, they’re playing a bunch of shows, including the lovely ArcTanGent festival, where yours truly shall be in attendance.

See you there. Let’s dance hard.