I will never tired of the Nordic obsession with heavy metal; just this year, we’ve covered so many bands from Scandinavia who walk in the path of Black SabbathIron Maiden, and their ilk. The thing is, they somehow manage to make it feel effortless and, most importantly, interesting. We’ve all heard the basics of these riffs for years now but something about the swagger and passion with which bands from that area of the world execute the style is just immediately endearing and enjoyable to fans of the genre like me. Nekromant‘s November release, The Nekromant Lives, is yet another example of this which is why I’m super happy to be premiering “We Want You Dead”‘s accompanying lyric video! Head on down below for meaty riffs, loud bass, and a straight up, heavy metal onslaught!

OK, the first thing I want to talk about with this track is how god damn loud the bass is; please mix all your traditional heavy metal revival tracks this way. It’s a pure joy to hear the bass purr underneath those crisp riffs; whether it be beneath the solo or just during the verses of the track, the bass does a fantastic job of injecting a lot of presence into the track. Over which, of course, the guitars do their own duty very well. The main riff, while drawing elements from classic bands like Pentagram and the above-mentioned Iron Maiden, manages to still sound fresh and earnest, carrying through the underlying vibe of the track. On top of all of this, with the drums running wing-man to the bass, the vocals are also classically oriented, with a high pitched register and evocative lines soaring above the mix.

The video itself does a good job with putting the album’s artwork in the center and not fussing about too much with the lyrical effects. I’m not usually a fan of lyric videos but when done in this way, and together with a great track, they work pretty well to immerse you in the track’s feel and message. Adding in live footage of the band right as the solo arrives was also a nice touch, seeing as this kind of video usually just stays focused on the artwork, giving those instrumental passages a weird, vacant vibe. All in all, this should give you a good idea of what to expect from the album itself. If you’re a fan of heavy metal done well and done proudly, this is the release for you. It’s chock full of bangers like this, well written, produced, and executed metal tracks that don’t apologize for wearing their influences on their sleeves. It was released on November 9th and you can grab it right here.