Saint Vitus – Saint Vitus

It’s always a bit of a treat to see bands that have been around for years keep churning out new material. Sometimes these bands can still make great records well into their second, third, and even fourth decade of operation. Avid readers of Heavy Blog will remember our love for…

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Lock Up – Demonization

Whenever your band starts with the longtime bassist of Napalm Death (Shane Embury) and the vocalist from Brutal Truth (Kevin Sharp) it’s a fairly safe bet that you’re in for some serious grindcore. Add a drummer who has worked with Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir (Nick Barker), stir with a heaping helping of guitar from Chile’s Pentagram and Criminal (Anton Reisenegger) and you have the latest incarnation of grind supergroup, Lock Up. This crew brings us their latest onslaught, Demonization.

Mar de Grises – Streams Inwards

Mar de Grises Streams Inwards 01. Starmaker 02. Shining Human Skin 03. The Bell and the Solar Gust 04. Spectral Ocean 05. Sensing the New Orbit 06. Catatonic North 07. Knotted Delirium 08. A Sea of Dead Comets 09. Aphelion Aura [bonus track] [Season of Mist | 9/14/10] There are…