The extreme end of math metal is without a doubt one of the most interesting areas of heavy music right now. Fans of chaos and digital hellscapes have been spoiled with releases from bands like Frontierer, Coma Cluster Void, and Ion Dissonance. The glue that binds these acts together is a common interest in using abrasive sounds and textures, using and abusing them to literally bash the listener upside the head. Today, we’re hosting the third single from Noise Trailer Immersion‘s upcoming record Symbology of Shelter. “The Empty Earth I” is just one part of the seven-track journey that the Italians have embarked on, existing as one of the more destructive passages of a record that scrubs over math homework with a thick black marker pen. Grab your calculators.

Previously, Noise Trail Immersion have leant much heavier into the manic nature of math metal, more akin to the acts I mentioned above. Symbology of Shelter sees the Italians using many of the same tools, their focus now shifted towards creating an atmosphere that mirrors the internal crisis of the conscious. “The Empty Earth I” is the first part of the album’s penultimate act, following a nightmarish meld of cursed blast beats and gut-churning dissonant strings. The track takes its sweet time building towards a violent crescendo, never quite reaching it, but teasing terror throughout the whole nine minutes. The chord progression is straight-up creepy as hell – I’m feeling Ben Wheatley’s Kill List and Bethesda’s The Evil Within – and creates a tension that fans of Plebeian Grandstand and Gorguts alike will enjoy. There’s a lot to be said about a band that can do heavy better than most, yet choose to reign it in to prolong distress; the final terrifying descent into dissonance will make your fine hairs stand on end.

“The Empty Earth I” is a dynamite standalone track from a record that plays as a full-blown immersion (intended) into both depths of depravity, and the lower limits of an eight-string guitar. Pre-order physical and digital copies Symbology of Shelter before it releases on Friday, November 2nd via Moment Of Collapse Records. Noise Trail Immersion have crafted one of the most intriguing releases of the year, in my eyes, and I’m nowhere near done with this record. Spin all of the available tracks now, and once you hear the rest of it, I’d reckon it fair to say that your curious little ears will be most satisfied with these twisted, blackened sounds.


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