On a sweaty night last summer in the nation’s capital city Edinburger, I caught Godeater playing one of their first shows supporting their wicked EP Outerstellar. My countrymen widdled and string-skipped through a fiery set of tech-death tunes, windmilling in sweet harmony with one and all. Fast forward almost a year to the day, give or take, and here we are, premiering the band’s brand new single “Exsanguinated”. The circle is almost complete. All that needs done now is for you to hop over the jump, let down your hair, then headbang like it’s your last day on earth. Expect big riffs and blast beats.

Godeater have rolled through 2018 with a slick update to their branding and more importantly, their high fidelity face-melters. Offering very few chances to take in breath, Godeater crank out a technically decadent blast of death metal, inspired by and, in some cases surpassing, the genre’s standard-bearers. The Black Dahlia Murder, Fleshgod Apocalypse and The Faceless are just some of the acts that have a hat tipped in their direction, but the riff-shifting beast from North of the Wall leave it at that, a subtle nod. Melodic mayhem at it’s finest, “Exsanguinated” is a cut above the material on Outerstellar in terms of content and production, showing an actual maturation of the band in an age where “maturity” is usually measured in terms of how many clean vocal sections have been added to their repertoire.

You can probably call me biased but there’s a definite Scots approach to the wild-eyed, million miles an hour attack of strings and skins. It’s not just fast and ferocious for the sake of it, there’s heart and fire also. Eschewing their affinity for otherworldly themes and dead astronauts (still cool things, don’t get me wrong), Godeater turn their aggressions and skills towards the devastating nature of the cattle industry on “Exsanguinated”. While they aren’t the first extreme music act to point a finger at this topic, these Scots make sure you leave with some pretty stark imagery in your head. Plus “all for one, all for rot” is a great mosh shout and I can’t wait to see it on some merchandise.

“Exsanguinated” will be available for purchase this Friday. Grab Outerstellar and some threads while you’re at it.




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