Doomsday – September 2019

Greetings unto thee, Heaviest of All Bloggers! Come with me as it is nearing our time once again! The summer is slowly fading, the heat gently abating. The longer the days get, the shorter the wait until darkness comes! Autumn really is one of my favorite times of year. There…

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Maestus – Deliquesce

It’s so interesting how we can find beauty in metallic ugliness. Metal is a genre that prides itself on being dirty and underground. Some people believe the point is to be inaccessible. We have to keep out those normies, after all. We can’t have them coming in here and trying…

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Doomsday // August 2018

Greetings, heaviest of heavy bloggers! Welcome to our very special ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Doomsday. Stifle your gasps and crack your smelling salts; what you’ve heard is true: it has been a full 12 months since Doomsday began highlighting the very best of underground slow and low. It’s been a…

Hey! Listen to Hexer!

Those who live during anxious times like the ones we live in now, where every day seems to flirt with global devastation, may find themselves at a crossroads between different approaches to art. Some may cling to escapism to find ideal realms away from their own or to discover some…