Salt Lake City experimental rockers Visitors are gearing up to drop their debut full-length, Crest, come July 13. The record will continue the storyline begun on their 2017 EP, Vortices, a Foreword, and we’ve got the hook-up to the new video for it’s opening number: the spacey and psychedelic “Pollyanna”.

The track eases into things by concocting an ethereal melancholic atmosphere. However, the heavy progressive rock quintet bring enough of an edge to proceedings to keep things grounded and prevent your consciousness from drifting away entirely. Likewise, the video itself is equal parts relaxing and disorienting. The band’s performance is rendered hypnotic by the continuous slow drift of the camera and disconcerting via its psychedelic visual effects and unconventional framing. All five members are never fully in the one shot and the framing itself is overly tight, often obscuring the top of the members’ heads and their instruments. The end result is something simultaneously expansive, yet unshakably claustrophobic and pleasantly unpredictable—much like the record as a whole.

The focus of the track is Ian Cooperstein’s floaty falsetto vocals, which drift between being reminiscent of Jane’s Addiction‘s Perry Farrell at their most relaxed and The Safety Fire‘s Sean McWeeney at their harshest. Cooperstein’s delivery is also strongly reminiscent of Deftones‘ Chino Moreno—bringing to mind his particular timing and stresses if not soundding tonally similar. Comparisons to Coheed and Cambria don’t go astray either, especially given the first part of the narrative (contained on Vorticies) was further developed through the accompanying comic book, Axis B.

“Pollyanna” is just a hint of what’s to come with Crest, and only begins to describe the diverse and layered territories Visitors manage to cover with their debut. Despite what its namesake might suggest, any excitement and optimism garnered by the album’s opening track is entirely warranted, for what will likely prove one of the most welcome surprises of 2018.

Crest is out July 13, and can be pre-ordered through Vistors’ official website. The band are also playing in support of the record on July 7 at Salt Lake City‘s Club X, alongside Middle Class Rut and Black Map.


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